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So, I lost my phone. Way to be that way, Sarah. I strongly suspect that it fell out during the process of my riding on someone's lap while we tried to fit 10 people in a 5-seater vehicle, Friday night. I wasn't too worried about it on Saturday because I thought that it would turn up, but I guess phone's are not like carrier pigeons. No matter how many times I may 'coo' for it. :|
I guess this is for the better. I needed an upgrade and to cancel my plan, anyhow. My bill is at $240.00 and I can't pay that crap when I only have $3.00 in my account until the 29th. YEAH! I'm back to being dirt poor. I'll report back about why soon, because the entire situation makes me chuckle and want to hang myself from my PS2 cord.

Anywhoo. I have to get ready for work soon and I'm going to keep this short. The Oxfords finally moved out -- but they left a mess behind. Such is their legacy. I hope that whomever I move in next will be civil and an all around actual human being. Because they were obviously low-grade cyborgs or something, GEEZ!

I'm also selling a sofa. ANYONE WANT IT? So far I've had no takers. It's too long and although it's mad comfy, there's not many places you can move it. I'm asking for way cheap because I actually bought that behemoth for $1.00. No wonder, eh.

Um. UMM! That's about it. I have to blow-dry my hair or else I'll get sniffles when I step outside.

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Tonight was fun. It reminded me of times I had back in Florida, with my friends there. Where we set out doing nothing, but with the right people, it was okay. We sat in a diner and discussed the Marvel universe and sexuality and French people. Something along those lines. It was all over the place.

Ever since I moved from Jax, and wound up in the North, it's been hard for me to keep friendships. I blame it on my being all wrapped up in my own world, but I don't think it's because I really tried. Or else it was just me being there but having no history with a lot of these people, who often grew up around one another. Who can compete with that, y'know?

I'm glad I found my friend Ray, though. I doubt I'll ever tell him that in person, but the sentiment is there. I feel bad for not having the time to hang out with him, as often as his friends bum around, but that's how it is with me. I come and go as I please. I'm working on it! Bryan says that I'm way anti-social, and I can't help that about myself. Sometimes I just don't like planning out things, and I prefer them to happen. Or else my company isn't the best and I don't like to be "just there".

But, yeah. I'd like more excursions like that. We'll see what happens with that.

On another fine note: I was pleased to find nobody crashing at my house. I left a gaggle of girls, well into their 5th-6th Pina Colada, and was hoping that some drunk stragglers weren't going to make themselves comfy on my couches. I did notice the boardgames stacked up, and the chick flicks on the TV.
Girl parties are just such foreign territory. Normally, there would be a beer-pong table and urine to clean up if the guys had been here.

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Yesterday was... interesting.

So, I stole this dog, right? I've been wanting a dog for a long time and HALLO there's a dog! Right outside my complex! Alright, here's what happened.

My friend Ray was giving me a ride home because it was mad cold and Florida-bred girls do not suffer the cold kindly. So as we drive up into my street, I notice this dog. And a man running away from the dog. No shit!

In the most COMICAL way imaginable, this man was RUNNING AWAY from a tiny dog, looking back along the way. I told Ray "STOP THE CAR AHHHH!!" and we then coaxed the dog into the vehicle before spiriting him off. I mean, really. I made Ray give me his coat so we can wrap the dog in it because stealing is wrong. About the dog, anyway: He was about the size of a terrier, but had the face and tail of a pekingese.

A whole slew of problems arose soon after that. Ray developed some kind of conscience, and tried explaining to me how some people may miss this dog. How much money it'd take to raise this dog. How much time and affection and effort would have to go into its well-being, and I'm not the most patient person.

I was more aware of the fact that this dog blatantly ran its face into a chest of drawers because he's about the dumbest thing ever. Omg.

ANYway. He talked me out of a fluffy life with my new pet, and we went door-to-door around the neighborhood. BUT NOT BEFORE WE WENT TO PETSMART! I bought him doggie food and bath shampoo :B We then gave him a bath and put a blowdryer on him and he was the prettiest doggie in the entire world.
SO YEAH. We went door-to-door and eventually some kids came rushing past their parents to say HEY HEY I KNOW THAT DOG! They then lead us on a quest to find the owners but GUESS WHAT -- they weren't home! Will I know respite in this?!

Ray and I then attempted a shelter that I knew of in Alexandria, but it seems the shelter was CLOSED and they had a number in the window to call.

We did.

The man on the line said he'd send Animal Control our way.

They didn't come.

We called back and left some choice words about said man to his co-worker who was kind enough to inform us that the Animal Control warden was never informed of anything. I have nothing to say about that! Although Ray and I had some quality time to catch up and wax philosophic about life. It's always the never-ending-catch-up-to-looming-bills game with us.

So, being fully spent at this point (not to mention that I had to piss like a Russian racehorse due to my coffee intake), we tried the house ONE LAST TIME before I was just about to tie the thing to the door handle. They were home! They didn't seem terribly surprised that the dog was missing and instead of loving on it, they asked me how to order pizza. Some people.

But yeah. That was my day. I then spent the evening playing God of War 2 before inducing myself into an alcoholic haze because it was St. Patrick's day and let it not be said that Sarah's not a religious person.

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My birthday is coming up. I'll be 21 and an old fiddler's fart.

I remember a day in high school, when I was probably 16, and some kids around me were discussing what life would be like at 21. I don't think I imagined much because I'm generally not surprised to be where I'm at in this stage of my life.

With that being said, I've been reading Angela's Ashes over again and have since found it's sequel, 'Tis. I feel I can never complain about anything ever again after reading through an Irish Catholic's life and struggles. Geezgosh.

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So I had a dream about vcnielson. I've never met her in person, but I do know what she generally looks like. There's the premise of the cameo, anyhow.

So I'm walking amidst a large crowd, in a plaza that's brick-lined & the weather is all moasty-toasty. There's a sidewalk cafe with the windows wide open, so the patrons of the cafe can look out whilst reading and drinking. I then spy, with my little eye, Vanessa! Knowing that she doesn't know me personally, I didn't want to freak her out or anything by just bum-rushing her and going HIIIIII!!

Instead, I walked up to the window where she was perched, and said "Hey! You're familiar -- have we met before?" She didn't really shy off, and instead just asked if my name was Sue. I'm like UHH NOO! and then she asks if it's Jill? Omigawd!

I told her that she probably doesn't recognize me because I often make silly faces in my pictures, so I made a scrunched up >.< face and she was like OHHHH!! SARAH! Then she walked out of the cafe and I noticed how short she was. This coming from some chick that's barely over the 5 foot mark, but yeah.
For some reason, I was my normal cocky self amongst friends and slung my arm around her shoulder , before rattling off some story that I couldn't finish because....

....I woke up.

But I woke up to snow! AND I don't work today! Pretty flippin' awesome. Ray and I are going to get our palms read, so I'm kinda excited. I told my mom about the palm reading adventure, and she immediately told me not to "Drink anything that "they" might offer me because white slavery DOES EXIST, SARAH!!" What a worrywart.

And to PROVE that I can take a decent picture, I took one right now. SMILING, even. Take that!